A Work in Progress

For well over a year, I’ve been over-complicating, over-thinking my online space. I decided that I have neither the patience nor the mindset for HTML. Since then, I took it all down, and have been trying to learn WordPress.
It seems fairly straightforward, until it suddenly isn’t. One day, I realized I’d done all the configuring I could, and it was time to actually post something. That is where my problems began. I wanted to essentially copy over the content from my old site, and add new stuff, but I don’t know how. After all, the earth might stop spinning on its axis if I get it wrong and my podcasts are sorted in reverse chronological order, right? And when should I post anyway? I don’t really want to commit to a podcast or blog on a specific schedule. Sometimes, I could have enough to warrant two posts in a week, while I might be fortunate at other times to have one post a month. I feel silly that many people have been doing this for years, and making it look effortless, which it probably is with a bit of practice.
Finally, the discomfort of putting it off has worn me down, so here I am, and here is my site. It likely has some glaring holes, but then again, so do I. And the fact that I’ve chosen to put it up when it’s not as perfect as I can make it, but have decided to let its flaws show says, if only to me, that I too am a work in progress.

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