My House is a Mess!

Wow! the last time I posted something in this space was 2015. It was interesting to read what I had written, and ponder how much things have changed, yet how much they have stayed the same. Let me clarify….
They’ve stayed the same because if they had actually changed, you’d have seen a lot more content here. Also, my feelings haven’t changed all that much. With all my talk about it being a work in progress, I still wasn’t willing to let the good, the bad, the mistakes, and the awkwardness that is learning show.
This all sounds rather gloomy until I think about what has changed. I really didn’t know what I wanted my site to be. Did I want a way for people who wanted to hire me for instruction or coaching to connect with me? Did I want to link to the sites of friends and companies? Or did I want a gigantic site that was all-inclusive?
I was grateful to receive some coaching around this issue, and I now know what I want. I want my site to be like a tiny house or an efficiency apartment. It’s small, and simple, so not too much cleaning is required. I want it to be a place where friends can come as they are, and feel free to put their feet up and relax. You see, I want a home that is warm and welcoming above all else.
I’m not exactly sure what that looks like, but I hope you’ll drop by to wipe your feet on my virtual welcome mat.
I’m slowly but steadily working my way through a course on WordPress, which is offered by my friends and colleagues at Mystic Access. I hope to have lots more to show here… but not too much. I’ve gone from feeling intimidated to excited, and it’s a wonderful place to be!

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